About us

We are a czech industrial company based in Zborovice in the Czech Republic. 

We manufacture tools for wood processing.

The history of tool production under the PILANA brand dates back to 1934. 

Tool production then began in the Zborovice industrial area in 1948.

We are currently a market leader in the sale of wood saw blades without SC tips, band saws, and blades for frame saws for cutting wood.

We produce semi-finished saw blades for the production of SC saws, diamond saws, and segment saws.

Our products are manufactured using the latest technologies and are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

            Address                                                                                   Get in Touch 

              Hlavní 453, 768 32 Zborovice, Czech Republic                                       pilanasb@pilana.cz
              VAT: CZ08600503                                                                                     +420 571 113 533
              Trade register Brno, section B, file 8246.