Saw bodies

Saw bodies / Steel cores / Saw blanks

The saw blade bodies are semi-finished products intended for the final production of circular saw blades for wood, stone, building materials, metal, etc. The saw blade bodies we manufacture are designed for mounting/welding with diamond, segment, or SC tipped (sintered carbide) cutting.

Bodies for the production of diamond saw blades

The bodies for the production of diamond circular saws are made of high-quality materials according to the FEPA standard. They are delivered hardened, tempered, leveled, and tensioned ready for segment welding. Upon agreement with the manufacturer, it is possible to produce bodies of various diameters, and clamping hole sizes with the required number and size of grooves, all according to the customer's wishes. The maximum diameter of saw blade bodies is 1500 mm.

Application: After welding the appropriate segments, the bodies are suitable for use:

  • in stonework for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, etc.
  • in construction (wall saws) for cutting concrete (reinforced concrete)
  • in building construction for cutting asphalt

Bodies for the production of segmental saw blades

These bodies are a semi-finished product for the production of segment saws. They are made of 75Cr1 DIN 1.2003 or 80CrV2 DIN 1.2235 material.

Bodies for the production of circular saws with TCT/PCD tips

The bodies are used for the production of circular saws with sintered carbide (TCT) for cutting wood, aluminium, plastics, and metals. They are supplied:

  • hardened and tempered
  • straightened and tensioned according to the customer's requirements
  • with tip seats ready for TCT welding

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