Circular saw blades

Alloy saw blades for wood cutting

Circular saw blades for wood cutting are made of carbon tool steel 75Cr1 (DIN 1.2003). The saw blades up to 3 mm thickness are hardened to 44 - 48 HRc and saw blades over 3 mm thickness to 42 - 46 HRc. The saw blades are delivered straightened and tensioned, with set and sharpened toothing. The maximum RPM indicated on each circular saw blade corresponds to a peripheral speed of 60 m/s for the lower body thickness and 80 m/s for the higher body thickness. It is possible to manufacture saw blades with other parameters on request (different diameter, number of teeth, central hole diameter, etc.) It is also possible to re-bore all the saw blades to achieve a larger diameter of the central hole or supply the saw blade with a reduction ring.

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