Gang saw blades

Gang saw blades for frame saw machines

For processing both hard and soft wood.

Standard saw blades are made of 75Cr1 material (DIN 1.2003) with a hardness of 48+/-2 HRc (saws which will be set or Stellite tipped).

In the case of the swaged saws, material with a hardness modified to 44+/-2 HRc is used in order to eliminate excessive wear of the swaging device.

Nickel Steel material (hardness 48+/-2 HRc) is suitable for applications with higher demands for saw blade loading.

All gang saw blades are supplied straightened and tensioned. The number of teeth and end trims are to be either specified by the customer in the order or they are defined by specific standards.

The dimensions are limited by a combination of width and thickness; length can be entirely customized according to the customer's needs.

At the customer's request, it is also possible to produce other types of teeth (teeth pitch, teeth shape, cutting angle) and other types of trimming bars and auxiliary holes for clamping in suspensions.

Gang saw blades - hard chromium coating

In order to improve the mechanical properties and performance of the tool, it is possible to coat gang saw blades with a layer of hard chromium.

Gang saw blades for sawmill machines - stellited

For processing unbarked, pure wood - the condition (hard, soft, frozen, etc.) and type of wood to be sawn must be specified in the order. Machine saw bands are supplied straightened, tensioned and sharpened (ready for use).

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